TrustableAI is a decentralized autonomous organization on Polkadot. Field of interests is Trust economy after AI becomes a juridical person, “Trustworthy AI”, “Explainable AI” and “AI Alignment”.

Our Hypothesis

  1. AI will inevitably enter the human economy.
  2. the existing economic system (moral, legal natural persons) is based on the modernity of the state’s legal rights, which are attached to the rights of individuals. There will be an impact on the basis that the change cannot be covered or explained.
  3. governance presumptions, which would impact on the government regulatory regime before the individual.

Our Problem Awareness

  1. What/how will AI intervene in the human economy?
  2. What is the current status of the rights debate/what are the issues of debate?
  3. What are the change scenarios if AI enter the human economic system?
  4. Within or outside the scope of existing regulatory mechanisms or governance systems?