GDPR, machine learning

GDPR and its impacts on machine learning applications

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by European Parliament in April 2016, and will be enforceable throughout EU by May 2018. Many regulations regarding algorithmic decision-making are added to this new set of law, compared to the previous Data Protection Directive (DPD) which is expected to be superseded. In what follows we give […]


演算法公平性(algorithmic fairness)是與大數據、機器學習相關的新興研究主題之一,大約從 2015 年開始受到[媒體報導與關注]( “媒體報導與關注”)。這個主題研究的是,當我們開始在醫療、保險、法律、金融或其它領域,運用資料與演算法來進行某些傳統上由人來進行的決策時,能不能確保演算法的結果符合這些領域所應該維繫的公平原則?