== Under development ==


The goal of this project is to create a decentralized matching protocol of AI manufactures, AI buyers and third-party auditors.

Token economy

“QIYUN” is the governance token of Trustable AI DAO. (QIYUN will be replaced to new name once the token economy is finalized), the initial token supply will be N, D1% reserved for the Team, D2% reserved as community treasury, for ecosystem development (rewarded as grants, bounties), D3% will be distributed to strategic investors, D4% will be distributed as reward, to protocol contributors.

The community use “QIYUN” to vote for protocol upgrade, issuing grants, bounties and ranking manufactures/auditors.

If you have any idea, please contact hi@trustable.ai.


The community are formed by the people might have roles as below:

  • Consumer :: Companies or people using artificial intelligence.
  • Manufacture :: Companies or people offer artificial intelligence.
  • Third-party Aduitor :: An individual or a certification/verification lab do quality assurance or legal compliance.
  • Investor :: An individual or organization hold shares of “Verifiable Claims” by overcollateralized valuable tokens, to earn some QIYUN from community treasure if the “Verifiable Claims” is still true regularly. Overcollateralized valuable tokens locked in community treasure, and earn interests from other DeFi services.
  • Team :: The team that develop the protocol.

Elementary Components

The components are:

  • Supporting Verifiable Claims : A non-fungible token represents an combination of an executable AI runtime, promised properties and insurances. The idea comes from Toward Trustworthy AI Development: Mechanisms for Supporting Verifiable Claims.
  • Insurance Reserves : Tokens stacked by Manufacture and Consumer for rewarding any third-party auditors.
  • Cross-chain DeFi hub and stablecoin platform : something like Acala.